This is an assortment of film projects I've been involved with over the years.  

First we have, Finding Lovecraft: Life is a Hideous Thing:  A film combining Lovecraft fact & fiction that was never produced but here is the trailer in which I make an appearance.  The second video is a trailer for, First Face: The Buck Starts Here:  A documentary shown on PBS in which I was cast as Gilbert Stuart and reproduced the George Washington portrait in different stages of completion.  Then there is some footage of an installation called, Taxidermy Heads:  A Brown University student's senior project.  Lastly we have an animation, Rapid Eye Movement:  My first paying gig, I composed the soundtrack (on my synthesizer) for this film by RISD grad students, Mary Lambert & Jeff Carpenter, back in the 1970's. Finding Lovecraft: Life is a Hideous Thing explores the life and work of HP Lovecraft, using an innovative mix of narrative and documentary storytelling. A Lovecraft-inspired story unfolds for the filmmakers as we delve into this extraordinary man through archival research and expert interviews. This companion piece to the feature length film considers the life of the man who painted the iconic "dollar bill" portrait of George Washington. Mixing archival images with person-on-the-street interviews, the film introduces audiences to a man who was both a great American artist, and a great American "character".
Heads: An Interactive Human Taxidermy Video Installation Shown in the Granoff Center for Creative Arts at Brown University in May 2013. In this interactive video installation we sought to create an immersive and surreal space that required viewer participation as a critical component of the piece. When a participant approaches a head on the wall they are detected by infrared sensors that trigger the head. The result is an unpredictable sequence of exchanges. The participant's roles in this piece are manifold‑‑ they act first as a viewer and trigger, and then are enlisted as a confidant, an old pal, a nuisance, a potential suitor, an enemy, or a voyeur. The installation simulates a museum‑viewing experience‑‑ the heads are works on display for viewing yet they are also viewers themselves, who redirect the gaze onto the participant. Project by: Maia Chao, Brown '13 Lukas Bentel, Brown/RISD '15 Daniel Stern, Brown '13 Heads (from left wall to right wall): Bennett Ferris Chantel Whittle Carol Drowne Caitlin Robert Stephen Gervais Ursula Raasted
Psychedelic and eerie animated film follows a hip celebrity and his underworld lifestyle through casinos, hotel rooms, parties and odd characters. By Jeff Carpenter and Mary Lambert. From Tony Vegas' Animated Acidburn Flashback Tabu.